These days, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a true renaissance. At the moment, there are more than 1000 different types of currencies on the market, all of them with their particular features, pros, and cons. However, it all started with a single cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the original type of cryptocurrency, the one that has ushered in the age of the digital money. Thanks to its meteoric rise, digital money has a become a true mainstay of conversation for all kinds of media outlets, common folks, investors, and tech junkies alike.

In fact, the rise of the Bitcoin and the blockchain has caused the change of the entire financial markets, while also causing ripples with a large number of central banks and the entire financial industry in general. Right now, it is worth mentioning that a single bitcoin has a price of $2.300, which is almost 700% more than the last year.

A flood of cryptocurrencies


However, the true impact and importance of Bitcoin completely overshadow its current price. As a result of its boom, we now have a plethora of markets with more than 1000 types of cryptocurrencies and their assets, all of which are available for trading. The current value of the Bitcoin market is estimated at more than $40 billion. However, the total combined value of all the other cryptocurrencies is even bigger.

For the first time since it started circulating the networks, Bitcoin now constitutes the minority of the total cryptocurrency market. Its current market share sits at around 42% of all the assets and coins. With this in mind, we should shed more light on some of the other cryptocurrencies that are currently shaking the market.


This type of cryptocurrency was officially launched in 2015. It constitutes the second largest coin market, after Bitcoin. However, when it comes to understanding Ethereum ETH, and would like to buy Ethereum in UK it is important to mention that it works quite differently. On the one hand, Bitcoin is designed as a payment protocol first. On the contrary, Ethererum is first and foremost designed to allow the developers to create and deploy a variety of decentralized applications, as well as enable smart contracts. To keep this network going, special tokens, known as Ether, are used. However, they can also be used for online trading too. At the moment, the Ethereum market is worth more than $25 billion.

It is also worth mentioning that since 2016, there are two types of Ethereum networks. Aside from the conventional one, there is also a separate type, which is based on the first Ethereum blockchain. It has its own market, which is worth almost $2 billion.


Litecoin was among the first cryptocurrencies to challenge the dominance of Bitcoin. As opposed to Bitcoin, Litecoin features much faster confirmation times. It achieves this by processing blocks five times faster, so as make the transaction confirmation times much shorter. The current value of the Litecoin’s market is estimated at $2 billion.

Ripple XRP

 vnjfjdjejdjdjThis cryptocurrency is better known as the native currency of the Ripple, which is a protocol that allows for a global, open-source exchange. Ripple and its currency are already being used by a number of banks and financial institutions all around the world. This market is currently worth around $10 billion.